When truth and integrity is essential

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  1. $65 Per Hour with a 4 hour minimum per day (If purchased in 8 hour blocks the rate is $50 per hour or $400 for 8 hours)

  2. $50 Per Hour for established business plain clothed secret shop evaluations with a 2 hour minimum

  3. $100 for a General Criminal and Civil Investigation without interviews

  4. $250 for an intensive Criminal and Civil Investigation with 5 known associate interviews

  5. Custom packages available for full scope background investigations

“All above rates are minimums plus applicable taxes and fees, In addition all investigations requiring investigators to work out of the office will have a $00.65 Per Mile costs plus a daily per diem rate and other applicable expenses. Please contact one of our investigators for a complete quote. A minimum retainer for surveillance and mobile investigations is $1,000.00”